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Nova Global

Nova Global comprises of strategically located centers in Europe and India. Our offices in these locations provide proximity to our customers to quickly address their engineering requirements. Nova engineers working in different locations support client requirements at the client site and also form the bridge for technical co-ordination with Nova Global, India to execute projects
Nova Global companies are focused on providing engineering services for its clients across the globe. Nova Global has formed its localized technical teams to provide CAD/CAE/PLM and System engineering services.

Enit GmbH, Germany is focused on supporting Aerospace and Automotive clients in Germany.

  • Core competencies in Aerospace include Design, Non Specific Design and Analysis for Structures, Interiors, Electrical Systems and Environmental Control Systems.
  • In the Automotive domain, Nova is working with OEMs and Automotive suppliers in Design and Analysis of components in HVAC, BIW, Interiors, Exteriors, Powertrain etc.

Nova Global India is the Offshore Design & Development Center for EniT Group to provide cost effective solutions and project based team formation as per industry requirements.

  • Specializes in providing Engineering Services to Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Industrial sectors.
  • Supports CAD/CAE/System engineering/PLM/Tech Pub requirements.
  • Excellent resource pool which can be ramped up at short notice depending on customer requirements.
  • State of the art infrastructure to meet high end requirements.
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