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Tool Design

Nova Global has experience in Press Tools, Injection Mould Design, Die Casting Design and Welding Fixtures. Nova engineers are capable of understanding the various manufacturing solutions across the globe and can design the press tools to match their manufacturing practices.
We have exposure in designing Casting Tools for engine components, Press Tools for BIW components and Progressive Dies for BIW etc.
With our wealth of knowledge and experience in Tool Design we are able to support a total project managed design contracts working to industry standards and best practices.Nova will undertake complete life cycle of manufacturing and can take up Design of Jigs and Fixtures specific to specialized component manufacturing.
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Press Tool Design for Body side, door outer, trunk lid
  • Ejector mechanism for small component draw dies
  • Progressive die design
  • Fixture design for inspection, machining
  • Injection mould for plastic components
  • Development of sheet metal components.
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