Power Train & Chassis
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Power Train & Chassis

Nova Global has built expertise in Casting, Forging, Machined and Sheet metal component design for Power Train and Chassis Sub system. Engineers at Nova Global have worked on various components of Power Train and Chassis including casing, cylinder head cover, lower casing and crank rod etc.
Nova Global engineers are highly skilled to understand the Cope and Drag concept and model the components accordingly in terms of casting cores.
We have exposure in working for Gear Train, Clutch, Suspension, Brakes, Axles, Exhaust systems and Water Pump Assemblies and provide weight, cost and process reduction solutions to customers.
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Packaging of Engine Assembly
  • Assembly of Automatic Transmission Systems, O&M Manuals and Assembly procedures
  • 3D modeling of Crank Case, Lower Crank Case, Cylinder Head, Alternator Mountings etc.
  • Value Engineering for engine components
  • Exhaust and Intake manifold design
  • NVH study for Fly Wheel Assembly
  • Fuel Pipe Routing
  • Concept Design for mountings of Compressor.
3D modeling Structural Analysis
Casting to fabrication conversion Thermal analysis
Value engineering NVH analysis
Vehicle Architecture NVH analysis
Packaging study Mould Flow analysis
Interchangeability analysis  
Tolerance Analysis  
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