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Body In White

Nova Global specializes in Concept Design/Selection, Engineering Design, Feasibility Study, Detail Design, Virtual Prototyping, Design Changes and Manufacturing Drawings support for BIW components, sub- assemblies and assemblies.
Having gained experience working with various clients in global locations, our engineers are well versed with the governing Automotive regulations and standards. In few cases, Nova has also supported clients on Project Lifecycle Development requirements.
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Component design based on design sections
  • Product data creation using surface geometry
  • Design for the components such as Roof Systems, A, B and C Pillars, Closures, Door Modules, Door Reinforcements, Cowl, Floor Pan, Heat Shields and Quarter Panels etc.
  • Plastics and Sheet metal design
  • Creation of Manufacturing drawings using G D & T for components and assemblies
  • Creation of stiffening features such as beads, emboss, crimps etc.
  • Virtual prototyping using DMU for Clash analysis, Clearance, Interference and Fits.
Design/CAD CAE
Concept Design Crash Analysis
Engineering Design Stress Analysis
Feasibility Study Design Optimization
Manufacturability Design Validation
Detail Design Kinematics Analysis
3D Modeling NVH Analysis
2D Drawing Value Engineering
Assembly Head Impact Study
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