Business Model



Business Model

Nova Global with its European footprint is continuously supporting its Aerospace and Automotive customers by assigning skilled experts to work at customer site. This model is very important for Nova Global to gain customer process knowledge for :
  • Establishing best practices for every customer
  • Knowledge Management
  • Process and technology sharing with offshore.

Our Engineers are working directly at customer locations to build customer confidence and relationship to handle technical assignments, as well as, grow as account managers and co-ordination leads

Nova Global has established its offshore center in Bangalore, India to take advantage of Bangalore premier engineering institutions, Defense & Aeronautical labs and IT expertise.
Nova Global has been formed as the knowledge center to mentor and grow capable engineers aligned with the senior leads with domain experience.Nova Global is a preferred destination for young engineers as it provides an opportunity for engineers to focus on chosen engineering domain.

The offshore project execution model also provides significant cost saving to our customers and is highly applicable for execution of low end engineering work activities
Onsite - Offshore
Nova Global has successfully built its business model on assigning senior technical leads at customer site to gain process knowledge, best practices, building customer relationship. The technical leads coordinate engineering activities that can be performed from offshore more effectively, after acquiring the essential knowledge to guide the offshore team towards customer requirements and deliveries.

This model is essential to handle medium to high complexity engineering work activities that requires co-ordination and integration of data with customer enterprise systems
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