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Aero Tooling

Tooling plays important role in aerospace, as its structure will have to be designed for minimum deflection and shrinkage problems. Aerospace tooling is manufactured in a variety of materials including resin tooling board, aluminum, steel and invar.
Nova Global can support in the design areas of tooling - Lay-up Tooling, Bonding Jigs, Drilling Jigs, Assembly Jigs, Assembly Fixtures, Machining Jigs, Super Plastic Forming Molds, Compression Molds, Molds for Composite Components, Polyurethane Moulds, Master Models, Inspection Jigs, Assembly Jigs, Bonding Jigs, Drilling Jigs, Lay-up Tooling, Bonding Jigs, Resin Transfer Moulds & Compression Moulds.
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Assy. Tools
  • Inter Changeability Media
  • Transfer Gauge
  • Material Handling Tools
  • Additional Jigs, Fixtures
  • Coupling Jigs etc
  • Transportation Tools.
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